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There are several steps involved when it comes to finding an estate planning attorney. First, you need to search for one that fits your budget and preference. When it comes to costs, you need to find out if there is a flat fee or an hourly rate that is paid. If you decide on an hourly rate, you need to make sure that the attorney will be able to commit to you for a specific time frame. Oren Ross & Associates, Atlanta is an excellent resource for this.


As a pre-planning, you should gather information from family members and close friends regarding your estate. You can also get this information online, in newspaper classifieds, at the library and through brochures from companies who offer this type of financial planning services. It is important that you are absolutely sure of all the information that you have as it relates to your future estate. Once you have gathered this important information, you will be able to begin the process of contacting various attorneys who can help you with planning for your future.

Remember that having a will is very important. Once you have decided to have an estate plan, you must also get an estate planning attorney. The attorney can look over the plan that you have prepared and can make suggestions on how to make it even more beneficial to you. Your attorney will make sure that all of the little details are taken care of, leaving you peace of mind.

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