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Vacation Rental Cleaning Service offers commercial and residential properties full carpet cleaning at affordable prices. Short term renting goes hand-in-hand with a high guest turnover and a need for periodic deep cleaning following each visit check-out. However, for most owners, a vacation rental is only a short side job and not their full time occupation. When renting, there are a number of issues that should be addressed before the rental contract ends. This can ensure a smooth transition to your next full-time occupation and better results when the rental is over. Check The Florida Maids of Orlando – Vacation Rental Cleaning Service Orlando FL.

The first issue that should be addressed is the size of the property to be cleaned. In most cases, the larger the property, the more time will be required for hiring the perfect vacation rental cleaners. In order to save money on the front end, it may be more reasonable to hire the services of professional, but short-term cleaners. It is best to take into account the size of the property, as well as its location, when hiring anyone to clean.

Another issue that should be addressed is the turnover rate. Vacation rentals with low guest occupancy rates may not see a lot of activity, which will decrease the need for cleaning staff on an ongoing basis. Additionally, the owners of these properties may hire a new staff when the current staff is hired, thereby decreasing the need for the service. When interviewing hosts, one should ask questions regarding the turnover, or lack thereof, in regards to past experiences with their property. The owners of the property will be able to provide proof, if applicable, of their turnover rates, thus allowing the potential host to better understand how their property is managed by the owners.