Light Control, Privacy and Style With Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are a type of window treatment consisting of two pieces of wood hung horizontally over the front of a window which in turn blocks out light and ensures privacy. These shutters generally have two panes of glass which are in suspended frames that rest on either side of the frame and are either hung vertically or side by side. A plantation shutter differs from a Venetian in that it does not rest on the ground but rests on the window sill.Have a look at plantation shutters for more info on this.

Plantation shutters are best used on windows that are positioned outside because they prevent light from entering the room from the street but allow in enough to provide privacy. They are best used on windows that face an exterior view such as a garden or driveway because they prevent people from peering through the windows while still allowing in enough light to enter the room. There are two types of shutters; horizontal and vertical blinds. Horizontal blinds are used to control light while vertical ones are best for blocking out external light. Shutters may also be called louvered blinds and the vertical ones are more commonly referred to as Venetian blinds. The majority of plantation shutters consist of louvers as they help to keep the louvers from being caught in the wind.

Because of their function and versatility they have become very popular for use on windows, because they offer the homeowner many options in terms of light control and privacy. Since plantation shutters are usually custom fitted they can also be altered to fit any size or shape of window opening. Most manufacturers offer different design packages to meet any style of home and there are many websites online where you can create your own personalized blinds just by uploading your photo and choosing the colors you want.


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