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Some of us don’t like change, especially change that is often viewed as a bad thing by some, even if the change is very necessary. That includes law firms. Many firms made major changes to their format just a couple of years ago. This included using larger font and a much larger typeface; changing the margins of text; and making the text around pictures much bigger. These changes were implemented in an effort to increase productivity as well as enhance the law firm’s branding. To get more information try out here Johnson Law Firm, PC, Gainesville

While many large law firms may have adopted all or some of these changes, there are still plenty of smaller firms that have not yet adopted some of these productivity-boosting technologies. Why is this so? There are a few reasons why the in-house lawyer may not be willing to embrace these changes and there are still plenty of lawyers who resist change. However, let’s take a look at why some of these changes may be beneficial for the overall productivity of your firm:

For one thing, lawyers are human. When we get something new, we tend to ask questions about things. If you don’t ask questions about productivity, you’ll find out that your productivity numbers aren’t as high as you would like them to be. This is because the questions don’t lie on just one aspect of the law firm; they lie on a number of aspects. Asking a question about your firm’s productivity will likely uncover several areas that are inefficient. By having all of these data available to all members of your staff, you can quickly pinpoint the areas where productivity is falling short and implement changes to make your business more efficient.


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