How Periodontics Treats Periodontitis

One of the most common diseases experienced by humans today is periodontitis or gum disease. This is a result of the failure to maintain good oral hygiene practices. Periodontics, as this field is also known, is the specialization of dentistry which studies diseases and abnormalities affecting the supporting structures of the teeth, such as the periodontium and the bone surrounding the tooth. The supporting structures are called the periodontium, and the main periodontal ligament is called the periodontium bone. Washington Periodontics: Dr. Christine Karapetian, Burke is an excellent resource for this.


If you have gingivitis, you should visit your periodontist at once to start performing the necessary treatment options. The most common treatment options recommended by periodontics include surgical and non-surgical procedures. If you have an infected tooth, you will be given painkillers that can reduce the pain for a few days. The infection can be treated by antibiotics. In addition, if you have gum disease, you should undergo dental cleanings regularly in order to prevent the spread of the disease. Dental cleanings can help prevent tooth decay and dental plaque, the two main causes of tooth loss in people with periodontitis.

Periodontists may also prescribe dental implants, which are artificial replacements of missing teeth. The prosthetic tooth is actually a replica of the natural tooth, allowing you to chew food properly. In addition, dental implants are made to fit the root of the natural tooth so that they will not cause any damage to the supporting structures of the tooth. If you visit a periodontist, the specialist can assess your current dental condition and suggest the appropriate treatment options.

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