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In order to choose the right colour for your house’s exterior painting, consider the age of your home, the colour of your neighbours’ homes, and your landscape. You would also want to match the colour of your house to the colour of your roof – don’t paint your house the same colour as your roof, just make sure the colours complement one another. Take note of any things on your house that will not be painted – light fixtures, window frames, and brick walls will all help you narrow down your options for what colour to paint your house. If you’re looking for more tips, House painters has it for you.

Using accent colours that are similar to but darker than the main house colour will make your home appear smaller. If the secondary colours are lighter than the main house colour, it will appear that your home is larger. When it is painted, you should have enough variety of one main colour and two or three secondary colours to keep it fun to look at. House painters may need to change or modify the colour of the paint they are applying for a painting project on occasion. This happens a lot when a colour match isn’t quite right, or when a customer doesn’t like the colour and needs it changed for some reason. It is possible to make minor colour adjustments without having to return to the paint store for re-tinting or purchasing a new gallon. A common gripe is that the colour is either too light or too dark. This can be avoided by carefully combining the ingredients and keeping the appropriate items on hand. Since white and black paint are often used, a house painter will normally have extras on hand. If the colour needs to be brighter, a small amount of white paint may be added. Add a few ounces at a time, stirring thoroughly after each phase with a stir stick or shaking vigorously with the lid closed. It’s crucial to understand how white paint affects coloured paint: it can lighten but also dilute the pigment, so proceed with caution. The same technique is used to darken by applying black paint, except this time the original colour’s vibrance would be reduced as it darkens.


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