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There are a few key differences between SEO and Digital Marketing. The first main difference is that SEO is actually one of those tools used in digital marketing, whereas Digital Marketing merely attempts to make the website look on the top rankings in search engines for certain keywords. Have a look at Five Channels SEO and Marketing for more info on this. While SEO focuses mainly on pay per click advertising and uses PPC marketing (Google AdWords or Facebook AdWords) to Digital Marketing use free techniques like viral marketing to gain publicity. There are other subtle but crucial differences too, like the fact that SEO has a short time to bring in a visitor, whereas digital marketing gets a visitor to the website immediately.


SEO is synonymous with SEO, i.e. keyword research, search engine optimization, offpage optimization, and onpage optimization. It is basically the best practices that any business adheres to in order to increase its customer database, generate targeted traffic to the website, and improve its search engine rankings. Many business owners, especially small start ups, do not have the time or the skills to invest in maintaining their SEO campaigns. In such cases, they turn to freelance SEO services from SEO companies that offer these best practices techniques at affordable rates.

On the other hand, Digital Marketing is synonymous with content optimization, which essentially means optimizing the website content in such a way so that search engines can pick it and list it in the top 10 results pages. This is done by using Meta tags, title tags, keyword phrases, and keyword-dense content. In short, Content Optimization is meant to make the website content as relevant as possible to the topic in which the business deals. Hence, SEO and Digital Marketing are interchangeable, as they both seek to achieve the same objective.

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