Divorce Attorney – At a Glance

When you have decided that you want to end your marriage, the next step is to look for a divorce attorney. You want a divorce attorney who is competent, knowledgeable, attentive to detail, and willing to fight for you in court. However, having the wrong divorce attorney will cost you significantly more than if you had chosen a better attorney. As a result, it is vitally important that you learn as much about your divorce attorney as possible.You may find more information at Sterling Law Offices, S.C., Mequon.

Your divorce attorney should be an expert in family law, including child support, spousal and child abuse, division of assets and liabilities, alimony, division of retirement accounts, and issues regarding prenuptial agreements, custody, child support, and the right of inheritance. This is far too much responsibility to be placed on just one person. The attorney should also have strong experience dealing with issues such as child support and other welfare issues which involve children, the elderly, the disabled, or the addict. He or she should have a proven track record of winning all of these matters without any major difficulty.

Unfortunately, there are many attorneys who are untrained and ineffective in family law, many of which are represented by “ambulance chasers” or “ambulance chasing” attorneys who do not spend sufficient time with their clients and only represent them from the first consultation. These attorneys may represent you only after they have secured your money. They often do not listen to your arguments or answer any of your questions. There is nothing wrong with representing yourself. However, it is far better to find a divorce attorney who will work to get you what you deserve, especially when the outcome of the case could affect your financial future.

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