Concord Blind Installation – Guidelines

General contractor markup and over-the-phone overhead for blind installation are not unheard of, but it sure is a big chunk of money. Add on 13% on top of that to the actual cost for putting up a Window Blind Installation and add another percentage to the cost above. Sales tax on supplies and materials. A portion of the inspection or permit fees (or a portion of them) needed by your local building code board for the entire project… Add in installation labor costs for that matter, and you’re looking at a grand total of well over two-thousand dollars for blind installation alone. Check Concord Blind Installation.

But, before you cringe at the thought of going to all that trouble just to save a couple hundred bucks on the Blind Installation alone, let’s look at a more realistic scenario. Suppose you’re replacing the entire house’s windows… per window. That comes to a grand total of well over seven thousand dollars for all the windows in the house. If you hire a professional general contractor to do it for you at a “bundle” rate, it would come out to about eight thousand bucks.

Now, let’s use some common sense here. Blinds aren’t that hard to install once the main components are figured out, and a good contractor can do it quickly, easily, and on his own time and at a “Bundle-Rate”. So, the savings don’t all have to be in the form of lower prices and better quality. It varies depending on what your needs are and how extensive and costly your budget is. With a little homework, blind installation isn’t nearly as expensive as you may think.

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