Car Transport Services – An Almost Invisible Industry


Car transport services ship hundreds of thousands of cars every day, but the general public is largely unaware of this business-to-business operation. Our car showrooms would be empty if it weren’t for the car transport industry, which offers regular, fully insured, approved, and bonded services.If you’re looking for more tips, see this site has it for you.

Their delivery times are dependent on the schedule of the auto mover. It takes one to three weeks for most national car deliveries, and regular sailing times extend the time for those on the main US islands, such as Hawaii.

Shipping a new car, your family car, or a classic vehicle adds no miles to the odometer, because it saves money in terms of depreciation or unused lease mileage for the new car sales industry and the general public (if they think about it).

The majority of cars are transported in open car carrier trucks, but particularly valuable or fragile vehicles can be transported in closed, climate-controlled trucks for added safety.

The price estimate, or quote, is the first step in contracting for auto transport services. Take care to read the fine print at this stage; it can become very necessary later in a small percentage of cases!

The driver can complete a condition report (bill of landing) for any scratches or damages on the vehicle upon pickup, which all parties should sign. The same thing will happen when the vehicle is delivered; make sure you inspect it before signing.

Many shipping companies can assist you with vehicle transportation. Choose a company that has direct contact with a wide number of independent carriers. The largest companies have a wide geographic scope and can cover movements to and from all 48 states. The mode of payment, paper work, insurance, pick-up and drop, speed, and delivery period should all be considered when choosing a vehicle shipper.

Vehicles are inspected upon pickup, and a damage/shortage report is completed if necessary. When the cars are shipped, paperwork is signed to ensure that they are in good condition. Vehicle transportation is cost-effective, and it gives you the peace of mind that your car, truck, van, or whatever you drive will arrive safely, on time, and in one piece. Please contact National Transport for more information on auto transport.