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Personal injury is defined as a harm to your body, emotions, or mind that does not result in property damage. If you slip on a banana peel in a grocery store and fall, personal injury refers to your bodily hurt, such as bruises or a broken leg, but not to the damage to your watch. Our website provides info about Blumenshine Law Group.

A Personal Injury Lawsuit is a legal action in which one individual or a business is sued by another for compensation for mental and bodily injuries. There are five major types of personal injury cases:
1. Bodily Injury – The victim has been injured as a result of the actions of another person, business, or property owner.
2. Injury to Reputation – This refers to a scenario in which the plaintiff’s reputation has been harmed, resulting in real economic or bodily damages.
3. Product Liability refers to injuries caused by a product’s construction or design. This includes a seller’s failure to meet the conditions of a promise or making misleading claims about the product’s kind or quality, which is known as breach of warranty.
4. Economic Harm – In certain instances, personal injury is caused by economic damages, such as when a person’s irresponsible conduct lowers the worth of your property, which is referred to as an economic injury.
5. Intentional Harm – In this instance, the injury is caused on purpose, and violence and assault are common examples.
The Need for a Personal Injury Attorney
Depending on whether the damage was unintentional, deliberate, or caused by a defective product, a personal injury lawyer may assist you in bringing a case. Because both your and the defendant’s insurance companies want to earn a profit, you’ll need the assistance of an expert attorney. They will not only assist you in developing a solid case, but they will also bargain on your behalf with the insurance company.
It is critical that you contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Accidents that result in unanticipated injuries may be very distressing. A normal day may be turned completely upside down in an instant due to an accident. Victims and their families must make split-second choices and cope with new and difficult situations in the middle of the chaos. They might easily forget about their rights and what they are due.