A Note on Advanced Telecom Systems

When telecom providers experienced rapid expansion in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, new telecom equipment was the only option for businesses in the telecommunications industry. As 4G technology has expanded and providers have contracted, the availability of used telecom equipment has grown creating a surplus of used communications equipment. This surplus is creating a market where “used” is the new “new.” additional info

There are different benefits for buying new or used equipment, depending on your application and specifications. However, used equipment costs considerably less than new and is still highly customizable. For instance, used telecom shelters can accommodate the same generators, racking, fire suppression and other systems as new telecommunications shelters. Much the same, used towers can usually accommodate the latest communications equipment.

When you think about buying used telecommunications products, the big question you may have is how do you find a company that sells used equipment at a good price AND provides the customer service your company needs?

If you’re looking at used telecom products, there are essentially two options:

Manage used equipment in house
A provider could manage their equipment on their own. Once equipment is decommissioned, the telecom company could organize logistics and storage for the used telecom equipment until it is needed elsewhere.
Work with an equipment company
A telecom provider could work with an equipment company to decommission, transport, store and refurbish the used telecom equipment.
There are a few challenges for telecom providers that manage used telecom equipment in house:

Managing operational expenses

Since the recession of 2008 and the growth of 4G technology, telecommunications providers have experienced a renewed focus on reducing operating costs while delivering higher quality service.

Making the most of redundant resources

The expansion of 4G technologies and the consolidation of telecommunications providers have dramatically increased the number of redundant resources including towers, shelters and equipment.

Managing your assets

Asset management for telecoms is integral to the success of the organization. A telecom provider must have the resources to be able to track assets from introduction through expansion, maturity and decline.

So how can working with a telecom company help your business?

Reducing costs

Using recycled telecommunications equipment provided by an equipment company can help reduce your expenses. Used equipment costs much less than new equipment, so if a telecom provider is only dealing with network expansion, used telecom equipment will require a smaller investment.

Next, telecom product companies will purchase used equipment from telecom providers when the equipment is decommissioned. The transfer of ownership from the telecom provider to the equipment company results in a decrease in the telecom provider’s fixed assets.

Increased efficiency

A telecom company can provide efficiencies by reducing the occurrence of redundant resources. They can act as a buffer between the supply and demand for telecom equipment. By focusing on providing telecom equipment and services, a telecom equipment company provides the benefit of reducing the risk for telecom providers and provides the benefit of increased efficiency in supply.