Waterloo Physio – At a Glance

Physiotherapists, also called physiotherapists, are one of the expanding healthcare professions. Physiotherapists offer physical therapy that includes diagnosis and prevention of disorders or conditions, treatment of injuries and diseases, and rehabilitation of patients after surgery or trauma. Physiotherapists provide physical therapy through their expertise in assessing and treating disorders of the musculoskeletal system and its connective tissue. They evaluate and determine the cause of injury, and recommend specific therapy for each patient’s needs.Visit Waterloo Physio for more details.

Students pursuing a career in physiotherapy must be proficient in communication, manual dexterity, the science of movement, and knowledge of assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of injuries. Prior to seeking employment, students should familiarize themselves with the terms and terminology used in physiotherapy. Terms such as anti-inflammatories, analgesics, exercise mechanics, orthopedic foundations, rehabilitation, athletic injuries, physical therapy, sports injuries, and pharmacological therapies are part of the standard knowledge of a physiotherapist. As knowledge of these terms grows, so does the student’s clinical proficiency. The American College of Physiotherapy (ACP) offers an anatomy, physiology, and clinical anatomy, physiology, and medical specialties course and the physio-physician curriculum, as well as a certification program for physios.

A professional physiotherapist will work closely with patients to prevent and manage any underlying physical problems and to rehabilitate after surgery or trauma. Physiotherapists will do some of the same exercises that a fitness trainer would do, but they perform them under the supervision of a doctor or medical doctor. An example of a therapeutic exercise is strengthening a muscle group with resistance training. This helps to build new muscle mass and prevents the muscles from losing strength. Many physical problems can be improved through physiotherapy.