Things To Know About Invisalign

Clear aligners, also called clear braces, are clear plastic forms of braces intended to replace traditional metal or wooden braces for patients who have severe alignment problems. The aligners are held in place by invisible aligner clips that pull across the teeth to push the aligners into place. Tolley Dental of Woodstock – Woodstock invisalign┬áis an excellent resource for this. The process is completely invisible to the patient and family members except for the staff caring for your case. An Invisalign dentist will prepare your jaw for the procedure by cutting and sealing small gaps at the back of your mouth so the Invisalign braces cannot be seen. Once prepared, the Invisalign dentist will apply a gel to the aligners to make them feel more comfortable and start working. The Invisalign system is not recommended for children due to the risks of the material.

Once the Invisalign braces have been installed, it is important to follow the recommended treatment protocol to ensure the best results possible. The treatments may include wearing the aligners overnight or for the recommended amount of time based on the results of the Invisalign aligner. In addition to wearing the aligners overnight, they can be removed for eating and drinking throughout the day. Some Invisalign practitioners recommend exercising while wearing the aligners as well, but this should be done gently and only when recommended by a professional Invisalign practitioner. For the most comfortable results, it is recommended that you remove the aligners at night and store them in your freezer until morning.

The cost of Invisalign treatments varies depending on the type of aligner you purchase and the number of attachments you need. While the total cost of Invisalign can be minimal compared with braces and other orthodontic treatments, there are some drawbacks to using Invisalign as an orthodontic treatment. The main drawback is that Invisalign attachments are not removable once removed. This means if you need to add an Invisalign attachment later on, you will have to buy another aligner or will have to take the time and effort to remove the original aligner before adding the new one.