The Styrofoam Coffee mug – The Perfect Coffee Gift For Geeks Who Love To Be Smart

If you’re a geek who likes to enjoy a good cup of coffee on the job or at home during the day, than a geek mug is perfect for you. These mugs are great for people who are very serious about what they drink and who like to keep it to themselves. The great thing about these mugs is that not only do you get an option to have your picture or any other geek related art on them, but you can also get your favorite caffeine and stay away from the traditional hot cappuccino.

There are a few different styles to choose from that feature different types of stains and images on them. For example there are those that have a photo of either Captain Kirk or Spock on the front along with their logo and a quote. Another great option is a mug that has the phrase “I am cool as a geek” on it along with some other type of geeky quote or art. They are also great for coffee and don’t require any special equipment to brew your perfect cup.

These mugs are made from the finest glass available and ensure that your coffee remains hot and steaming for a long period of time so you can enjoy all the great benefits that coffee has to offer on a daily basis. They are easy to carry around and are a great gift idea that keeps on giving. If you enjoy drinking coffee each morning while you’re at work, then consider getting one of these mugs. Not only will you be drinking more coffee each day, but you’ll also be showing your work colleagues how much you appreciate them. You won’t be wasting time or energy trying to sip on a Styrofoam cup of coffee when you can have a real cup of piping-hot Java to pour yourself a tall glass of water to celebrate your independence.