The Advantages Of Managed IT Services

DescriptionManaged IT Services is the process of outsourcing the responsibility of keeping and is anticipating future demand for, a host of functions and processes in order to maximize organizational efficiency and cut costs. These services are generally provided by an IT service provider that works as a relationship or an outsourced team that works with your company. Managed IT Services

The outsourced team may include people from a number of different industries including telecommunication, finance, software development, manufacturing, marketing, engineering and more. This relationship allows the company to focus on its core business while the IT service provider handles all the processes that are necessary for your company to operate. Outsourcing these services has often been compared to an umbilical cord in that it allows the company access to a variety of expertise and resources that they would otherwise not have access to on their own.

Another advantage to outsourcing this type of management function is that the organisation is able to reduce in some cases their operational expenses and spend more on other operational activities within the organisation. The main aim of this function is to prevent the business becoming dependent on the IT services provider for the support of its critical business functions, such as IT support for a networked enterprise application or the problem resolution of complex problems, which in turn can lead to loss of revenue and badly affect an organisation’s ability to remain profitable. This form of managed service provider takes a very large slice out of the company’s budget and therefore reduces expenses, whilst at the same time allowing the organisation to concentrate on other more important areas.

The downside to outsourcing this function is that the business owner will have to retain an in-house team to manage the outsourced Managed IT Services. This additional team will often mean taking on another staff member or potentially hiring another professional, to fulfil the role of managing the outsourced Managed IT Services. Furthermore, this additional workload may reduce the overall productivity of the organisation as a whole and therefore the bottom line of the organisation may suffer as a result. Also, it may increase the risk of the function becoming dependent upon the IT service provider for its daily operational needs, potentially leading to a reduction in quality of the IT service provided. In addition, the additional workload and management function will mean additional training and development costs for the organisation, as the manager must decide when to bring the Managed IT Services into the mix of the Managed IT Service.

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