Stucco Repair: The Most Common Mistakes Made During Repair Jobs

Stucco, which is also commonly referred to as stucco coating, is a very popular building and house improvement technique. Stucco is used in almost every modern house construction because of its low cost, waterproof characteristics, and long life. Unfortunately, it is also prone to a variety of problems such as leakages, cracking, swelling, cupping, flaking, and expansion. These are only some of the stucco repair problems that can easily be fixed by the right stucco repair specialists. Here are some common stucco repair problems and solutions that you may encounter. Visit us for great deals in more info on stucco
Leakages and Cracking One of the most frustrating stucco repairs, and probably one of the most annoying to homeowners, are sealing a leak or other problem in the siding. If you find that the damage has been caused by water leakage, then it is important to immediately patch the leak using marine cement or some other waterproofing product. Do not put off repairing the damaged stucco because the leak will eventually destroy the whole stucco surface – not just the area where the leak is located. Once the area is dry, apply a high-quality finish coat over the leaky area to protect it from future water entry.
Excess Water Damage If your stucco has been affected by excessive amounts of water, then you may have to consider it an urgent stucco repair job. Some of the most common causes of excess water damage include leaky pipes, plumbing fixtures, roof leaks, and fixtures that do not seal properly. In this case, the best solution would be to replace the compromised surface with new ones, while allowing the old surfaces to dry out fully.