Mize Farm & Garden Supply – A Closer Look

A large area covers farm supplies and agricultural products and services; livestock feed, agricultural machinery, contractors, pesticides, prefabricated concrete, farm buildings…. The list could go on! Over the last few decades, businesses in this area have been through a significant amount of change.
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The range of products and services has increased dramatically as new technologies have been introduced to the agricultural market place. Not only that but the way these companies market their products and services and communicate with farmers has changed dramatically, especially in the last 10 years. In general, agriculture has been slightly slower than some other industries in taking up the internet and all its possibilities. With the younger generation of farmers coming through, this is changing rapidly. Farm supply companies have begun to pick up on this trend, leading to more and more businesses getting online. While it is important to have a website, the full possibilities of web-based advertising and marketing are a long way away from being used.

As more and more farmers move online, companies need to be involved in this digital marketplace to capture their target audience, whether through Facebook, forums, simple Google searches, blogs, etc. Internet directories and news providers are rapidly replacing the traditional methods of magazine and newspaper advertising. With this supplier, the advantages of a well presented and optimised website are beginning to be realised for a long time. Not only does this offer a great opportunity for incumbent suppliers, it also gives new businesses the opportunity to enter the market place while the initial ‘land grab’ takes place on the digital agricultural market.