Mask Protection Group – Some Guidelines to Follow

Respironrator masks, or radio response systems, are the most advance and effective piece of military gear currently available. Designed for a number of different emergencies and first-aid situations, these highly versatile and high-quality masks are the perfect solution for first-responders and emergency medical technicians alike.Learn more by visiting Mask Protection Group-BYD NIOSH N95 RESPIRATOR MASKS

Utilized by military, police, EMS and civilian emergency medical services around the globe, respironrator masks are now being used on a much larger scale by members of the public for non-emergency situations as well. The designs of these highly adaptable N95 respirator masks have been steadily evolving to provide superior comfort and fit for better protection while still providing outstanding comfort and fit for those active outdoors. In order to meet the needs of a diverse range of consumers and environments, Respironrator has designed several new styles of masks that are now available on the market.

The newest addition to the range of respironrator masks is the Covid-19 mask. Manufactured with a lightweight neoprene cover and an integrated airflow control system, this new model has taken respironrator technology to a new level. Constructed specifically to work in conjunction with the latest N95 certification standards, the Covid-19 is an ideal choice for primary care staff, emergency medical technicians, military veterans and patients experiencing any number of respiratory illnesses.

Other notable models in the new respironrator line include the Precision Fit and the award winning Precision Fit Pro. Precision Fit pro is a lightweight neoprene mask that offers a comfortable fit and a number of venting options in order to offer a lightweight protection against respiratory illnesses. The newly introduced Precision Fit model also offers advanced filtering systems to ensure that harmful irritants and allergens are eliminated from the wearer’s air. A favorite amongst many primary care staff, these durable and comfortable masks offer a consistently comfortable fit, excellent ventilation, and exceptional comfort and fit. As always, these respirator masks meet the highest standards of quality manufacturing and will be proudly worn by first responders, emergency medical technicians, military personnel, and those involved in a variety of emergencies and situations where an air purifier may be required.