Make a Claim for Roofing Insurance

Insurance Claims Can Be Scary
Dealing with insurance claims can be a frightening experience. That’s usually because you don’t know where to begin. Do you make the first call to your agent? Do you seek the services of a roofing contractor? What do you have the authority to sign and what do you not have the authority to sign? There are so many unanswered questions. Let’s get to work and see if we can’t clear any of the fog.
Do you know where you can find your homeowner’s insurance policy? We will begin by determining whether or not there is a claim phone number for you to call if you pull that out. After you’ve found the claim amount, go through your policy to see how high your roof deductible would be. You may want to check out¬†for more.

Determine the Sum of Your Roof Deductible
Many laws have different policies for roof damage caused by wind and hail. A claim filed due to a hail storm, for example, will have a different deduction than a claim filed due to a slab leak. To find out, you’ll have to look through your paperwork. Look for deductibles that include the words “rain,” “hail,” or “wind.” These deductibles can range from $250 to multiple percentage points of your home’s value (for example, 1%, 2%, or even 5%).
While it might seem that your roof deductible is unimportant, the truth is that it is. If the premium is 5% and the value of your home is $350,000.00, the deductible would be $17,500.00. Although your roof could cost more than $17,500.00, you’re unlikely to get any value from filing a claim unless you have a very expensive roofing product such as slate, stone-coated steel, aluminium, slate, or a heavy shake wood roof.

Contact an Insurance Agent in Your Area
Once you’ve decided whether or not to proceed based on your homeowner’s deductible, you’ll need to contact your nearest insurance company to inform them of the situation. Did you get hit by a hailstorm? Are there any shingles on your roof that have been blown off? Tell your agent all that happened, as well as the date of the failure. That’s vital because your insurance adjuster will need it to come out and assess the damage before filing a claim and cutting a check.
Make an appointment with the insurance adjuster.
Their insurance adjuster will most likely contact you within 24-48 hours. In the case of a major storm, most major insurance agencies will either have local claim adjusters on hand or will send in catastrophic teams to assist. When the insurance adjuster phones, request a visit on a day and time when you’ll be home. Making your own list of damaged property before your adjuster arrives is always a smart idea.

You may also want to contact a reputable local roofing company for assistance in preparing a reliable roof repair or replacement estimate. They can not bargain with the insurance agent on your behalf, but they will assist you in determining what needs to be done and why.
What Are You Going To Do With That Check?
After your insurance adjuster has mailed the first check, we’ll walk you through the process of getting repairs made to your roof in our next post. If you live in North Texas and need professional roofing assistance, please contact me for some simple, free advice. By doing your homework first, you can stop roofing scams.