Know About IV Hydration Bar

The IV Hydration Bar is a product that claims to give you eight glasses of water in less than thirty seconds. This is by taking electrolytes directly into your body through the straw. Many people have been confused by this claim with other products such as drinking an “electrolyte beverage” (i.e. Orange juice or vitamin Water) as this product does not contain the normal electrolytes found in normal drinks. Also, since it is mixed with water, it cannot provide the electrolytes to your body like an electrolyte beverage would, therefore is essentially useless for weight loss and muscle building.Do you want to learn more? Visit iv hydration bar .

It can however be used to replace regular water with no additional effort on your part, so it is certainly a step up from drinking orange juice or sports drink. The best way to judge any type of supplement is to take a multi-nutritional supplement with a high concentration of essential vitamins and minerals. The IV Hydration Bar offers no such formulation. It is therefore important that you do a little research to find out exactly what the ingredients in this product will do for you. If the claim that it will give you eight glasses of water in thirty seconds while leaving your stomach and intestines full is too good to be true, then it probably is.

On the other hand, if it does happen to work, will you gain weight? Well, if you are looking to lose some weight (or even gain a little), I would not worry about it as this product was never designed for that purpose. I am however advising anyone who wants to try it to first do a little research into what the IV hydration bar actually does and if it has the ingredients to make it work. If all else fails, I would recommend trying a multi-nutritional supplement that contains the necessary vitamins and minerals that this product claims to.


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