Insurance Agents – How Does Yours Measure Up

Insurance agents are among the most important persons with whom you will ever do business. They will assist you in safeguarding your property, possessions, and finances. An insurance agent’s job may be able to save you from financial catastrophe.Have a look at Miller Hanover Insurance for more info on this.

You might not need the services of an attorney for the rest of your life. You could live and die without ever needing to consult an accountant. Insurance brokers, on the other hand, are a necessity in “the real world.”

But keep in mind that it is your obligation to determine which coverages are appropriate for you.

Have you ever heard of a friend or family member who filed an insurance claim only to discover that the coverage their agent promised was not available? I hear those stories ALL THE TIME, and they always come at the WORST TIME…CLAIMS TIME!

In 1973, I started working as an insurance agent. I held my agent licences until 1992, when I switched careers and became an insurance adjuster. I sold practically every type of insurance imaginable during that time. That provided me a lot of insurance sales experience. But none of that experience qualified me as an insurance expert. Risk analysis and sales methods were among the things I learned. But I don’t believe I ever received a single minute of instruction on how to handle a claim. I gave my clients the company’s phone number and instructed them to call it in when they had a claim. We would periodically fill out an Acord form, which is a common industry claim form. We didn’t do anything else.

The best agent is someone who has spent time understanding insurance rather than someone who is a sales expert. The majority of insurance agents, regardless of kind, are salespeople rather than insurance professionals. Your agent may or may not be an insurance specialist. Simply inquire about your agent’s educational background.

Insurance degrees are available from a variety of institutions and universities nowadays. The University of Georgia in our area provides Risk Management and Insurance degrees. It’s a programme with a lot of clout.

Continuing education, such as the Certified Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) education programme, can also help agents become insurance professionals. The Certified Life Underwriter (CLU) professional qualification is available to life insurance agents. Other designations are offered to agents, but those two are the most generally acknowledged.