Installing Interior Window Shutters

For hundreds of years, interior window shutters have been used to provide protection, light regulation, and a sense of elegance to any space. Although other window treatments may have some of the same advantages, they lack the interior shutters’ streamlined design and elegance. Wood, faux wood, and other materials are available for window shutters. Our website provides info about Plantation Shutters Oxford.
Interior window shutters are usually mounted inside the window frame or on hanging strips adjacent to the window. Hanging strips are actually 34-inch-by-34-inch strips of wood fixed on the wall and painted to fit the window trim. Hanging strips make it easier to instal an interior window shutter because windows aren’t always square, and getting the shutter to fit within the frame can take a long time.
Before you begin, decide whether or not the shutters should be painted to match the rest of your decor. Some shutters are unfinished, and you might want to paint them to match your decor. If you need to make some changes to the shutters after they’ve been purchased, now is the time to do so. Prime and paint them, or use a wood polish to finish them. Since painting louvred shutters can be difficult, you may want to use spray paint to get into the corners.
Hang the window strips to the sides of the window frame first, then hang the inner window shutters to the hanging strips. Your shutters would be level and plumb if you use a hanging strip, even if your window isn’t.
The shutter panels can then be hinged together using hinge mounts. These mounts are also included with the shutters). Until permanently attaching the window shutters, use a spacer to ensure that they can open and close.