How to Light Your Photographic Studio at Home

Do you want to learn how to light your home photography studio on a budget and in a timely manner?
Why not design a studio that doesn’t require any fancy lighting, strobes, or those pricey soft boxes? This post is for you if you want to try your hand at still life photography or if you need to shoot some photos for eBay.You can get additional information at Cream Studios.
You’ll need the following supplies to create this still life photography studio, which includes a large soft box and a seamless backdrop:
• A thick sheet of paper (A0 size). (Polypropylene sheets can be used because they are more durable and easy to clean.)
• A bright day in a shaded spot. (A porch will suffice)
• A wall, table, chair, or fence
• Duct tape (a few inches) (or just any tape)
This will not meet all of your studio requirements, but it will offer you with a low-cost approach to begin investigating studio-like images. Specifically, you will obtain a good background for your photographs, photographs with few shadows, and photographs with good, uniform lighting. The first step is to find a beautiful shady spot on a bright day. Your porch, as well as your back yard, are ideal for this. You’ll also need a wall, a chair, or something else to lean your professional backdrop (also known as a piece of paper) on.
After that, tape the paper to the wall/chair and the floor. After that, your seamless backdrop is put in place. After that, you’ll require a model.
Several sheets of paper and polypropylene, each with a distinct colour, can be used to add interest to the photos. You’ll get instant multi-color backdrops this way.
Enjoy your still life studio with this studio since you won’t have to worry about the challenges and costs of lighting for your home photography studio.