How to Choose a Quality Dog Trainer

As dog owners, we should investigate who is instructing our pets in the same way that parents investigate who is instructing their children. Dogs and puppies, like infants, need to be taught etiquette and boundaries. A well-behaved boy, like a well-behaved dog, is a pleasure to be around. Now that Christmas has passed and your new puppy is ready to begin training, here are some pointers on how to find a great dog trainer. Check Puppy Training.

One thing to keep in mind regarding dog trainers: they are not supervised by any government, so you must be very cautious in your selection. One week, an individual may be a painter, carpenter, or plumber, and the next, a dog trainer. Check veterinary references and do your homework.

Unless a trainer is accredited by a dog training association that either 1) trains dogs for service work, 2) offers credit equal to a college degree, or 3) is a Pet Dog Training organisation like APDT or IACP, the title “certified trainer” has no significance. However, there are also excellent self-taught dog trainers. The top performers and others who are on the right track have continued their education by attending workshops, lectures, and continuing education courses. Examine a trainer’s educational background and educational records.

Many businesses offer on-line certifications, which consist of a brief written course followed by the delivery of a certificate for a fee. However, this form of credential has no real value. Dog trainers must be trained by an educator with years of practical and behavioural experience, ideally with a reputable school or service agency that trains dogs to provide service for the disabled; this allows the teacher to consider behavioural and environmental issues as well as practise obedience training.

Medical issues may cause a variety of behavioural disorders. A good dog trainer would first rule out medical issues, then differentiate between environmental issues and behavioural issues like barking, chewing, and digging. A successful trainer would have breed expertise in order to demonstrate to the owner why their dog exhibits such traits that have been bred into them for hundreds of years, such as why a Border Collie will nip your children constantly or why a Jack Russell may appear to be digging a hole to China. This is a fundamental understanding of the breed.