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Should a truck wash with a fixed location add mobile fleet washing services to its menu of services? There is, without a doubt, a requirement. For example, not every delivery fleet can afford the personnel time required to transport all of their vehicles to a fixed-site truck wash. Mobile washing, on the other hand, consumes less water than truck washes, even when recycling is taken into account. I strongly suggest you to visit Speed Clean Truck Wash, Grand Island to learn more about this. Look at all the water that falls off as you drive down the street from a truck wash, and how much water flows off as you move forward into the drying area.


Washing efficiently is critical for mobile truck washing, and with all of the new EPA enforcement, the NPDES laws will be extensively scrutinised, which is a good thing. There are numerous machines that clean well at 3000 PSI and 4.5 GPM, which isn’t a lot of water. I remember washing 75 FED EX vehicles in two hours with 250 gallons of water, and I used to do it all the time.

The days of a rogue mobile truck wash or fleet washing company showing up with “labour from hello” and dumping wash water into storm drains while claiming to be retrieving the water are ended. All of this is a good thing. The Dry Washing idea is another sort of fleet washing service. One issue that could arise is that “Dry Wash” type companies who are well-funded by ignorant VC would want to change the rules to prevent mobile washing services that use actual water from operating.

Expect further environmental pressure, including from huge fixed-site truck wash companies, the ICA (International Carwash Association), and others, to try to shut down mobile washing, particularly during Level II drought restrictions.

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