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A private investigator, a private detective, investigation agent or private investigator, is someone who may be hired by people, companies or NGOs to undertake investigative, private law services. Private investigators usually work as agents for lawyers in criminal and civil matters. They carry out surveillance, gather information, interview witnesses and carry out secret surveillance. Private investigators are specialized in uncovering hidden information or in finding someone’s history.Learn more by visiting McDonald & Associates: Private Investigator Seattle – Seattle Infidelity Private Investigator

Many times private investigators play a critical role in locating missing persons. They can track down someone who has gone missing. Many times these private investigators specialize in locating missing persons after they have gone missing. Missing persons are typically thought to be either mentally ill or in a coma. Private investigation is used to locate them and then recover any information that is available about their current location, circumstances and whereabouts.

A private investigator must be licensed by the appropriate State Department of License (MSDL). Each state may not regulate investigator licensing as it is laid down by law. It is up to the county or state to determine whether a license has been actually applied for and whether it was granted. Private detectives who are employed by the government to perform secret surveillance may have a state regulated license but private detectives may not have a state regulated license as this is laid down by law. Anyone interested in becoming a private investigator must be approved for an application for a license by the relevant state department.

There are many reasons why private detectives are employed by the Government, in particular to find missing persons. These investigative professionals are utilized to gather information that might lead to the return of missing persons. Sometimes private detectives are hired to assist in recovering bodies of missing persons. Sometimes these investigators are even hired to conduct background checks on people who apply for a job with the Government. Some private detectives specialize in a certain field of expertise.

A private detective will use surveillance to gather evidence for criminal litigation. For example, if a parent believes their son or daughter is being abused, they will hire a private detective to gather evidence of abuse or to locate the parents of missing children. Sometimes private detectives will be hired to gather evidence for other purposes such as investigating the murder of a spouse. Whatever the purpose, many people hire a private detective to get the proof they need to bring about legal proceedings against suspected killers.