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Senior Care can be defined as, “the placement of an adult with a disability in specialized facilities to meet the needs of the senior in whom he or she has an acute need for assistance in activities of daily living.” The term senior care has various interpretations but the common element is that it places an elderly person with a disability in a setting that offers him or her the ability to live as well as possible. There are various types of senior communities or care facilities. Visit Greenwich Senior Care for more details.

They are as follows:

The term senior care does not necessarily mean that all the residents of the care community are elderly. Instead it refers to the placement of the elderly into a residential care facility where they can engage in a number of typical activities. Activities of daily living may include companionship, housekeeping, meal preparation and help with mobility, dressing, bathing and hygiene. Depending on the needs of the individual, the services may include one to several full-or part-time supervision by trained staff, nursing supervision or patient care.

Senior communities can provide a loving environment for your loved one. In addition, they can offer supervised respite care, medical treatment as needed and access to the latest medical and health technology. The senior living in such a facility will have a lot more independence than he would have at home. Senior Care is certainly the best way to ensure the safety, comfort and quality of life of your elderly loved one.

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