Great Concept Of Bath Fun Soap Crayons

Making Soap Crayons is a great craft activity for young and old alike, and will provide some unique and lasting memories. Homemade Soap Crayons can be used for many different crafts, including, but not limited to, scrap booking, coloring, and even making pottery. These soaps are simple to make (only 4 ingredients are needed) and will make bath time both educational and fun!.
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You can mix up the Soap Crayons by running a ball of melted soap with a liquid soap crayon in each end of a square tray. You can use any colors that you would like, but if you would like to practice your color vision before trying it on your real skin, you can try mixing the colors up a few shades. Be sure to use undiluted colors. Sometimes the undiluted colors are a bit too strong for smaller children and if you are using the colors for a craft for small children, be sure to only use a small amount in each color.

You will need a tub or shower and two packs of soap flakes (or more). Dip a sponge into the soapy crayon and dip the opposite end of the sponge into the warm water to soften the crayon. Carefully run the ends of the sponge over the sponge to remove the wax. If you do not want to dye the soap crayons, you can leave them the natural color.