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The gap is approximately close, but there are far more vehicles shipped from the UK to Spain than what are shipped. Delivery versatility would also have an impact on pricing. Car shipping agents will try to appeal to as many buyers as possible in order to minimise prices and stay competitive, so if you can have a certain amount of flexibility on the delivery date, then you will more than likely be rewarded with a lower price.Learn more about us at Trucking Company-Arrow Pro Car Shipping

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However, you will pay a marginally higher transportation charge if your dates are set and there is no substitute. Stuff such as where the car will be shipped to are other essential variables to bear in mind. If the vehicle is picked up and dropped off at your doorstep at your chosen location, then this will be a higher price than sending the vehicle to the warehouse of the shipping agent and arranging a delivery point near the final destination, such as a local landmark.

In other words, the route and time to reach the destination; periods of flexibility in delivery dates; times of additional facilities equivalent to the price quoted for the shipping of your car.

And finally, make sure that you read through the transportation contract carefully, including the small print. Ensure that the shipping company is completely compliant with local laws that your car will be shipped through and ensure that they are fully insured to deliver your vehicle and if the unforeseen occurs, what their responsibility will be in terms of reimbursement and replacement/repair of your vehicle in order to return it to you in the same condition as it was entrusted