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A slurry (or concrete-like liquid) is pumped down under the slab into a matrix of holes drilled in the desired parts of concrete. The slurry fills the hole and protects the concrete by forcing it back up to grade. After that, the drilled holes are inconspicuously sealed with concrete, and the job is finished.Consider fixing these common issues if you’re thinking of selling your house.Concrete raising is a cost-effective way to patch a sunken pavement, uneven stairs, or any other cracked or uneven concrete until it becomes an eyesore. Raising and repairing concrete can be a deal maker, not a deal breaker!Feel free to find more information at Sykesville Concrete Lifting.

Your best bet is to contact a concrete raising expert in your area. Concrete raising companies, also known as “mud jacking” or “seajacking” companies, should be licenced, insured, and have experience in your field. Inquire about references and past job samples. Check with the Better Business Bureau in your region, and get a written estimate so you know what the repair will and will not cover. Your best choice is to go with a local business with a good reputation and a written estimate.

This Concrete Lifting Technology is one of the most cost-effective methods for repairing and raising concrete foundations to their original level, grade, or height. This type of device has been used to lift submerged or tilted foundations of housing and industrial destinations such as driveways, flight terminal runways, walk ways, grounds, wall space, swimming pool decks, and so on for many centuries. This process entails drilling holes in bent cement that are usually a couple of inches inside dimension and lifting the sunken foundations with either grout or polyurethane composite. The grout or polyurethane portion is then forced or pumped into the hole under pressure, and then a quick-drying cement patch is used to seal up the drilled holes after the submerged slab has been hauled up.

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