Different Types of Manicures

A manicure is an all-over aesthetic beauty treatment, for both the hands and fingernails, done at a nail salon or at home. A manicure usually includes shaping and filing of nails, trimming and pressing any non-living tissue away from the nail, various applications of various creams, the application of nail polish, and sometimes the gentle lifting and removal of cuticles. Sometimes, other procedures such as a facial or body scrub are also done in addition to manicures. Some well-known manicures include the famous French manicure, in which the nail is painted white; and the New York City manicure, in which the whole nail is white or pink, depending on the preferences of the patient. Both kinds of manicures, however, involve the filing and trimming of nails to shape them and give them the desired shape, softness, length, and smoothness. Check greentoes North – Manicures.

Nowadays, there are a lot of manicuring techniques used to enhance the beauty of a woman’s nails. The most common among these techniques is the wet manicuring technique, in which a woman applies nail polish, brushes, and mani clips (that cover part of the nails) in wet state, and uses them to apply different types of nail polish over the painted nails. This technique allows a woman to apply more number of colors of nail polish and makes her fingers look much longer and fuller. Wet manicures are usually preferred for long fingernails, as wet nails give them a more opulent look. Another popular technique is dry manicures, in which the woman applies nail polish and then puts on a topcoat of acrylic liquid, and applies mani clips, brushes, and other accessories.

Although there are a lot of manicures out there, some of the best-looking manicures are ones that include a combination of cuticles and layers. In a cuticle manicure, a woman applies cuticle oils to the cuticles of each finger, then applies one layer of nail polish in an upward stroke motion. She lets it dry for a few minutes, then applies another layer of polish in an anticlockwise motion. She repeats this process until she gets the desired look.