Details about Increasing Your Garage Door Security

Garages are one on the most convenient things that you can add to your home, offering shelter from rain, wind, and snow. However, of all the exterior doors to your home your garage door is probably the most vulnerable to burglary, so its important to keep the security and safety of your home in mind in this part of your house. If you wish to learn more about this, visit 5 Tips for Increasing Your Garage Door Security

If you have an attached garage, you may be even greater at risk. Once a thief gains entry into your garage he or she can work unseen attempting to gain entry to your house through your secondary door. In fact, few people even lock their door because the feel as though the garage door is safe enough, even though in many older home this isn’t necessarily true. Always treat any door that allows access into your home as your front door-lock it when you leave no matter how long you will be gone.

If you have an older automatic garage door opener you are particularly susceptible, as all of the remotes use the same code. This problem was fixed in the next generation of openers by assigning a code to each individual opener, but even this did not last long as thieves now have code grabbers that can save this individual code for later use and enter your home when you are away. While not meant to scare you, every homeowner needs to know this information so they can upgrade to the proper security level: rolling code openers. Using this, a new code is generated for each push of the button, making it virtually impossible for thieves to capture the code and invade your home. Just be sure not to leave spare remote openers laying around for thieves to steal and use against you!

The most obvious form of security is awareness, so be sure to follow some easy tips to make sure you are protected effectively:

– Lock the door from your garage to your home at all times.

– Inspect the garage door each month, looking at springs, cables, rollers, and overall outdoor condition.

– Don’t leave your garage door open when you are away or even partially open to for ventilation during night hours. Unplug the unit while on vacation.

– Make sure you are utilizing rolling code technology.

– Do not leave your opener in your car as this is an easy place for thieves to get a hold of it.