Choosing Custom Window Treatments

For both parents and children, decorating a teenager’s room may be a difficult yet instructive experience. Choosing the perfect fashion window coverings is balancing colour and style with size and money to create a design that appeals to both the adolescent and the parents. The window coverings should blend in with the rest of the room’s d├ęcor while yet giving enough seclusion and illumination.Feel free to find more information at Blinds By Design.

Online Ordering

One alternative is to go with a business that specialises in bespoke curtains, bedding, and accessories and accepts orders online. The window coverings may be chosen from the same fabric collection as the other pieces, and everything can be supplied at the same time. This method enables the adolescent to shop for materials and patterns online while their parents monitor their selections and provide advice, either immediately or later. This allows the adolescent to get experience making decisions and sticking to a budget while also giving the parents some input and peace of mind.


A teenager’s bedroom should have window coverings that allow for plenty of natural light during the day and offer seclusion at night. Curtains or draperies with tiebacks, Roman shades with or without valances, or swags and jabots are some bespoke window coverings that provide both. Mini-blinds may also be used to cover the gaps between curtains and drapes. When it’s time to wake up sleepyheads in the morning, this allows parents to let in some natural light.

Creativity in the Arts

The materials may either complement, contrast, or match when utilising valances with bespoke window curtains and tiebacks. This gives you more choices when it comes to bedding. Dust ruffles and tiebacks in solid colours that match prints and plaids may be used. Pillow shams and throw pillows provide for a more feminine or masculine touch to the space, depending on the design.


Choosing a whole set of window treatments and bedding gives you more design and colour options. It also allows the adolescent to alter his or her look over time. For example, one option is to use simple Roman shades without curtains, while another is to put a valance on top. When you add window coverings to a room that already has bedding in matching hues, the space takes on a whole new appearance. Another option is to use bespoke duvet coverings with seasonal colour changes.