Avoid Expensive Errors In Seeking Beauty Dentistry

Are you aware that up to 50% of the procedures performed by many licenced practitioners of beauty dentistry are to repair the mess created by other dentists? The term “beauty dentistry” refers to dental procedures that are specifically intended to improve the appearance and function of teeth. The problem is that the American Dental Association (ADA), the world’s oldest and largest national dental association, does not consider it as a specialty. Our website provides info about Yuma Smiles.
As a result, everyone in the dental profession can claim to be a cosmetic dentist, from general dentists to specialists in any of the nine ADA-recognized specialties. And, unfortunately, many of them do, much to the chagrin of their patients.
Costly blunders
According to some estimates, roughly a third of the total P35 billion spent annually on cosmetic dental procedures in the United States goes to fixing shoddy work or correcting misdiagnoses. Which is unfortunate, because dental aesthetic treatments are among the most costly, costing tens of thousands of dollars for full mouth dental implants, for example.
Just over 7,000 dentists in the United States are certified by the American Academy of Beauty Dentistry, out of tens of thousands who advertise themselves as beauty dentists (AACD). That’s less than a quarter of one percent of the approximate 155,500 dentists in the United States. Just a small percentage of dentists are members of the American Society for Dental Aesthetics, a non-profit dedicated to continuing education for aesthetic dentists.
To be frank, dental cosmetic procedures aren’t that dissimilar from those used in other types of dentistry. In fact, the American Dental Association recognises two specialty fields that have the most to do with dental cosmetics: prosthodontics, which includes diagnosing and treating patients who need dental prosthetics, and orthodontics, which deals with improper bites caused by misaligned teeth.
Various levels of competence
True cosmetic dentistry, on the other hand, goes a step further than normal dentistry. In reality, many cosmetic dentists refer to themselves as?artists,? claiming that, while regular dentists treat and repair dental problems, they improve and even?create? a better look for their patients, using advanced materials and technologies to achieve the best outcomes.