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Running has a number of health benefits, making it an excellent practise for maintaining mental and physical health. When it comes to sciatica, though, it’s a different matter. It can be difficult to run when suffering from this disease. When you run, you will most likely experience pain in your buttocks or thighs. Many runners who suffer from sciatica simply smile and bear it. Palmercare Chiropractic – Falls Church is an excellent resource for this.


When running, the muscles affected by sciatica are still used. However, this operation does not result in sciatica. In reality, it may be able to help avoid the onset of the disease. It helps to help with sciatica because it works the same muscles as walking but at a higher degree of physical difficulty and exercise. Although regular exercise is good for your overall health, poor running mechanics, such as poor foot mechanics and posture, can cause inflammation.

Running is both a cure and a source of sciatica. While running is becoming increasingly common in the treatment of a variety of conditions, a runner should consult a fitness specialist or a doctor before beginning an intensive running programme. This is because excessive running can lead to other problems, as well as worsening the existing ones.

Individuals who take up running to relieve sciatica should bear in mind, however, that such exercise only offers immediate relief from the discomfort, which is caused by a lack of oxygen, and does not provide a long-term cure. Although several runners actually deal with the discomfort, some turn to pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Some doctors would prescribe surgery if pills do not fix the issue.

Others would rather treat the underlying cause of the issue than the symptomatic discomfort. Physical therapy, manual therapy, massage, and chiropractic therapies are examples of these treatments. Chiropractic therapy is preferred by the majority of people seeking complementary and alternative health care.

Chiropractic is a holistic treatment that stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities. Many different forms of leg pain have been linked to vertebral subluxations. Sciatic pain is sometimes traced back to the spine after a chiropractic test for subluxations. Correcting subluxations by modification is a common way to relieve sciatic pain.

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