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Second, make sure the inspector is a member in good standing with either ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors), iNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors), and OAHI (Ontario Association of Home Inspectors) in Ontario. In order to maintain their membership, all these associations require a high level of training and continuing education. Third, make sure that you can take part in the examination and ask questions. This is truly the best way for you to learn everything about the systems and maintenance requirements of the home.Checkout Vegas Valley Inspections, Las Vegas for more info.

And fourth, find your own inspector for your home! The bottom line is that you should find your own home inspector. If you are discouraged from using your own inspector by your real estate agent or if you insist that you use one of their “recommended” inspectors, then that agent is not looking for your best interests. Remember, this might well be a home for you. Protect the investment from you. There are thousands of home inspectors out there, so how does an individual choose just one? Find your own home inspector. To make the correct choice, referrals, associations and information directly from the home inspector can be used. Below is an explanation of how each of those variables can be used to determine which inspector is best suited to a particular customer. As with much of the service industry, the home inspection business is largely referral-based. A great source of referrals is friends and family, because it is possible to trust the accounts of their experiences with home inspectors. Another good source is realtors, because they have generally had extensive dealings with a number of home inspectors. In order to ensure that a sale goes through, some individuals worry that a real estate agent may send them to an inattentive inspector. However, at the time of the sale, most real estate agents actually want the buyer to be fully aware of the condition of the home, since misleading a buyer will eventually cost the real estate agent their own referrals in the future. If you are worried that you may be misled by your real estate agent as to which home inspector to choose, then you should probably look at working with a different agent.


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