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A mattress is typically a rectangular, high-backed pad for resting a sleeping individual. It’s designed primarily to be used on a mattress, either as part of the bed frame, or in a couch or bed beside a mattress. Modern mattresses come in many different shapes and sizes and offer various technologies. A mattress generally consists of two parts – the actual mattress, which are covered in a thick, cushioned fabric called “blend,” and the exterior shell, which are made of layers of materials such as memory foam, cotton, or synthetic fibers. These two parts are typically connected by metal hinges and zippers. Check Sapphire Sleep.

While the modern mattress can be both comfortable and supportive, it is not a comfortable sleeping surface. Because the traditional mattress supports a person’s entire body weight, it puts extreme pressure on the spine and can strain muscles and ligaments. A good night’s sleep is necessary for good health. But as we grow older, our bodies begin to retain more of the energy that it absorbs during the day, resulting in fatigue, poor posture, and poor immune system performance. And if you’re sleeping on an old-fashioned mattress, the energy spent on supporting your body weight can actually contribute to or worsen arthritis.

To avoid all these potential pitfalls, a good quality mattress should have a mattress depth or support layer that provides at least 3 inches of padding in the middle of the mattress, and a foundation layer that is at least three to four times as deep as the high-quality layer. A mattress depth and support layer that meet those specifications are referred to as “base layer thickness.” A mattress foundation layer that has a higher base layer thickness and/or a poorer base layer thickness is referred to as “base layer uniformity.” The greater the base layer thickness and/or the lower base layer uniformity, the better quality mattress you will get.